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We respect our clients and take care of the health of their teeth.
Our clinic specialists are certified for all the services offered accepted and agreed with the Latvian Dental Association

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Workdays: 9:00-20:00
Saturdays: 9:00-17:00
Sundays: 9:00-15:00

SIA "Dental Septiņi"

Mobile.: 291 135 84

Phone.: 675 20 259

Е-mail: info@dentalseptini.lv

Reg.nr.: 40203117924

Address: Rīga, Dzeņu 7/1-97, LV-1021

Bank: LV28HABA0551044568976

Public transport from the center of Riga:

Buses: 51 ("Dreiliņi"), 22 ("Akadēmiķa M.Keldiša iela")

Minibuses: 214 ("Dzeņu iela"), 204 ("Rudens iela")

Our team:

Gražina Šandroha

Katrīna Krastiņa

Mārīte Soroko

About clinic

The practice has been operating for 20 years, staffed by certified technicians who have mastered their skills in both Latvian and abroad. Specialists as well as continue to improve their skills and qualifications by attending courses and seminars in both Latvian and abroad. We cooperate with the following insurances: BTA, BALTA, GJENSIDIGE

The clinic is equipped with a digital X-ray (RVG) system, which has 10 times less radiation than a conventional X-ray. Clinic uses only high quality materials and modern equipment. We use only materials and technology, for which the efficacy and safety are assured.

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