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We respect our clients and take care of the health of their teeth.
Our clinic specialists are certified for all the services offered accepted and agreed with the Latvian Dental Association

About the specialist



Our clinic employs only certified specialists who have practiced and studied abroad, constantly improving their qualifications. We integrate the latest treatment methods. Our experience is over 20 years. Works with insurance companies: BALTA, BTA, GJENSIDIGE. The doctor of our clinic has very "light" hands, the patient is comfortable in the chair. The doctor has very high apodactyl capabilities. Excellent skills in the Latvian language, also 20 years experience in the Latvian team, which makes it possible to constantly improve the professional level. The basis for professionalism is practice as a result of a huge professional experience. We always meet the patient with a smile, positive energy. Warranty for prosthetics - 10 years!



Correction of the shape of teeth, straightening of incorrectly growing dentitions, elimination of chuck and crevices, restoration of the original color, correction of the wrong bite. Thanks to the latest heliomaterials.


Thanks to modern technologies, new painkillers and methods of treatment, the process of tooth extraction becomes painless, safe and even fun. Feel free to contact our specialists if you have additional questions.


Ceramic plates or veneers - one of the best types of cosmetic restoration of the front teeth. The essence of the method is to replace the tooth enamel ceramic plate, which gives a fantastic cosmetic effect.


The basis of this method is the rejuvenation of new teeth in the bone in place of the extracted teeth. Using this method, adjacent teeth should not be cut. One session can pull out a damaged tooth, attach an implant, place the tooth with immediate load.


Grazhina Shandroha

In recent years, engaged in implant work. Constantly attends seminars, thus increasing the level of their qualifications. Engaged in plastic surgery of tissues.

Katrīna Krastiņa

She graduated from the Riga Medical College No. 1 as an assistant dentist and Rīga Stradiņš University as a dental hygienist. He specializes in oral hygiene and teeth whitening. Constantly studying and updating knowledge, attending various lectures and courses.

Marite Soroko

Dental assistant