ServicePrice, Eur
Doctor’s consultations5,00
X-ray for 2-3 teeth (digital)4,00
OPM (PANORAMIC RTG) with print15,00
3D full (upper + lower jaw) written on CD40,00
3D full (single jaw)30,00
3D full (single segment (2 or 3 tooth) )10,00
Other services
Temporary tooth seal10,00
Sensitive tooth treatment10,00
Dental surgery (and treatment)
Treatment of parodontosis, chronic catarrhal gingivitis treatment20,00
Extraction of premolar35,00
Extraction of molar40,00
Extraction of the third molar
(wisdom tooth)
Removal of a single root tooth20,00
Intra-oral incision10,00
Treatment of a postoperative wound6,00
Tamponade and closure of the maxillary sinus24,00
Surface anesthesia8,00
Release of the eighth tooth from the gum15,00
Treatment of dental canals / endodontia /
Overlay of the cofferdam15,00
Filling 1 canal20,00
Filling 2 canal30,00
Filling 3 canal40,00
Medication of one canal7,00
Fixing the pin in the tooth: glass fiber / screw20,00
Canal treatment with a rotating system20,00
Dental implant (depending on the firm of the implant chosen): Ankylos, Straumann, Cortexfrom 700,00
Dental implant (depending on the firm of the implant chosen): Neodentfrom 400,00
Dental implant (depending on the firm of the implant chosen): Cortex, Missfrom 400,00
Bone replacement150,00 – 400,00
Bone tissue transplantation from 200,00
“Sinus Lift” lifting of the bottom of the maxillary sinusfrom 400
Gum formulator50,00
Filling of one surface with helio material20,00
Filling of two surfaces with helio material30,00
Filling of three surfaces with helio material40,00
Absolute renewal of the tooth crown50,00
Vital extirpation: 1 channel / 2 channel / 3 channel7,00 / 10,00 / 13,00
Decor of the tooth18,00
Complete oral hygiene + ultrasound + Fluocal treatment50,00
Bleach for teeth whitening60,00
Photo teeth whitening (20 minutes in the doctor’s office – one session)80,00
Removable prosthesis
Partial denture100,00
Full denture170,00
Elastic partial prosthesis250,00
Bugel with attachments355,00
Fixed prosthesis
Metal crown40,00
Stamped crown with plastic facet50,00
Plastic crown CAD / CAM70,00
Cast сrown70,00
Molded metal-plastic crown70,00
Metal Ceramic Crown200,00
Zirconia-ceramic crown CAD / CAM350,00
Zirconia crown CAD / CAM400,00
Zirconium tooth on implant500,00
Ceramic filling200,00
Metal-ceramic on the implant350,00