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In our clinic you have a fantastic opportunity to get a dazzling smile in a short time directly to the dental office thanks to ULTRADENT, the famous American corporation manufacturing template plates.

3D Tomograph

3D Tomograph, which is installed in our clinic – scans an impression of polished teeth for crowns. Thus, the laboratory through e-mail receives an accurate model of honed teeth. A special program allows you to do this. Thus, the errors in the manufacture of dental crowns are reduced to zero. The main advantage of this method is the absence of shrinkage at all stages of manufacturing

Treatment plan

The treatment plan will help you to predict the treatment time and to know how much money will be needed for the recovery of health. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to rationally plan your time: the number of dental visits, as well as their duration (one to two hours).


  1. The cost of conventional X-Ray, Digital RENTGEN.- 3.00EVR Thus the patient can bring a printout SNIMKA.V our clinic have a unique opportunity to make an X-ray C irradiated with 10 times less.


RUBBER DAM system, endodontics to work with channels.


With professional tooth whitening can be achieved negligible REZULTATUS- 50 min-your teeth yellow, gray or brownish coloring FROM coffee, tea, red wine, TOBACCO AND HOW MANY OTHERS DISAPPEAR miraculously short time.


These methods are based on a new tooth embodying into the bone . Using this method, the adjacent teeth are not being graded. In one session doctor can pull out the damaged tooth, insert implant and to put teeth with instant overburdening. Immediate load – after implantation IEVIETOŠANAS- only switch 2  weeks-MAY screwed ceramic TOOTH! Cases, good stability implant.



Porcelain plates (new technology-care, but the tooth is polished! But cosmetic effect is simply fantastic!); zirconium crowns (2-3 days CAD-CAM manufacturing period, which is very important for foreign patients, so that everything would happen quickly); metal ceramic crowns with a 20-year warranty; patients who can not afford metal ceramic crowns, a good alternative – metalplastic crowns with an affordable price. All types of removable prostheses – from ordinary to even the most complex of modern structures, such as

Valplast (soft) prostheses.
Modern prosthetics way with extensive capabilities and a high aesthetic level. Valplast dentures look good, because they do not have a metal hook that is used for other types of surgery. Thanks to the design and the materials used, they are very durable and easy to use. It is successfully used in cases where a lack of one or two teeth and implants can not be inserted. With this type of surgery, there is no need for prosthesis and adjacent teeth.



Modern analgesic preparations makes treatment painless.

Dental hygiene

Clinic offers Air-Flow technology which effectively removes tartar and plaque, superficial pigmentation and dark plaque, which is derived from the use of coffee and smoking, allowing the teeth to regain its true color. Duration of procedure – 40-60 minutes. Also we use ultrasound, which makes the procedure painless, almost enjoyable.

Teeth whitening at home

Home whitening, despite the name, is a professional whitening system because it indicates and chooses from several options with directly dentist before the procedure and give recommendations for training patients in theory. However, any manipulation of the patient does the same at home. This methods main idea is that the patient is given a home bleaching gel individual climbers, being placed in the oral cavity.

Bleaching at home requires individual caps, which are made in the technical laboratory and Whitening Gel, which can be ordered at the dentist.

Before the procedure it is necessary to make professional hygiene.


The motto of modern surgery – as much natural bone preservation as possible. It is a painless procdure with root removal, if necessary.

Art restoration of teeth

Tooth-shaped fixing, wrong growing teeth straightening, gap removal, restoration of the original colors, improper bite correction. All this has become possible thanks to the latest heliomaterials and dental possibilities. Now dentistry has a wide range of colors, materials have a high degree of transparency . Heliomaterials are based against environmental influences microhybrides inert chemically (it means heavy-duty) which connects to the tooth tissue. Unlike teeth, which are imposed on crowns, restored teeth are easy to treat.

Endodontic treatment (endodontics)

Modern methods -with channel extender, a profile with protape method by endomotor and guttapercha(natural healing material) fulfillment of one session.
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